The all-in-one workspace for all your needs

One place for all your knowledge tasks, from the most complex to the simplest ones.

Adopt a tool that blends human intelligencewith technology

We empower individuals to adopt, adapt, and fuel Cogny to streamline their work, enhancing their capabilities rather than replacing them.


Gather all your files to one place

Drop documents from anywhere - your files and the web - with a click, regardless of language and format.

Create a smart content library

Fully leverage all your documents

Reduce the proliferation of content across different tools


Instantly research key insights

Using advanced search capabilities, swiflty research small or big batches of documents for insights, patterns and arguments.

Benefit from instant and traceable search features

Reclaim valuable time on preparatory work

Eliminate redundant research on the same documents


Easily organize & compare findings

Craft your own topics, tags, and queries, building reusable and adaptable frameworks. Compare findings side-by-side, adding supplementary information when relevant.

Build reusable and adaptable frameworks

Make your findings clear, organized and comparable

Apply manual inputs to surface information out of heads


Collaborate together in one place

Ensure effective collaboration, vital for success. Boost productivity and collective intelligence with seamless communication and steamlined workflows.

Create and assign tasks to your collaborators

Add comments, tag teams and notify them

Ensure the right data is shared with the right people with granular access rights


Share indisputable insights

Achieve new levels of clarity and precision when sharing your conclusions. With all findings backed to an audit trail, make no room for error, approximation, or misinformation.

Export your conclusions to Excel or Powerpoint in a click

Link all arguments to relevant sources

Present all findings with confidence and accuracy


Compose insight-based conclusions with AI

Make recommendations with confidence and interpret your data faster with AI-generated summaries.

Generate fast and focused memos for key stakeholders

Adjust the tone of voice to suit the situation

Prioritize conclusion quality over layout

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Suited for every job

We create more room for complex problem-solving.

Our solution is versatile, accommodating any task, industry, and volume of documents.

Audit & accounting

Financial & Extra Financial Reporting

Taxonomy Data Research

Financial Products Analysis

Internal Audit

Sustainability & ESG

Gap Analysis

ESG Trends Benchmarks

Supplier Mapping

CSRD Questionnaire

Legal & Compliance

Litigation Analysis

Attendance Fee Verification

Procurement Intelligence

Contract Compliance

Marketing & Advertising

Market Trends Analysis

Strategic Planning Research

Client Intelligence

Competitor Benchmark

How does it work ?

Cogny empowers knowledge workers to not only interpret content; but to collaboratively manipulate it. Delivering strategies that are deeply rooted in relevant, credible information.

Import your documents

Gather unstructured, heterogeneous, small and big data from all sources, language and formats.

Research key insights

Use advanced search capabilities to identify key insights, saving hours of research time.

Organize & compare findings

Create your own topics, tags, and queries, building infinitely adaptable frameworks.


Work seamlessly as one team, with features like overwriting, tagging, and commenting in real-time.

Report with audit trail

Ensure every argument is backed by its source and compose AI-driven, insight-based memos.